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Program-backup software File Sync is in the market of backup utilities rather recently. The back up software is occupied with backup data i.e. data synchronization and balance between two directories. However, to explain what it is a backup, first let's get acquainted with the program more close.

File Sync is simple in work windows backup utility which can be conditionally divided into two windows. In the first window the user works with one of directories he’s planning to compare and synchronize with other directory. Accordingly, in the second window the user works with the second directory.

However, if you’ve started the backup tool for the first time you’ll not see these two windows. For the first time you should start a new task in which you can compare and synchronize both folders. The back up software doesn’t limit the possibility for such comparison. The quantity of problems you can start in File Sync is practically not limited.

To start a new task it’s enough to choose «File-New task». The automatic backup software starts a new task in which you can backup data as well as to synchronize data. All tasks have unique names that allows to know what specific target it is devoted to. The backup tool has a minimal interface therefore it is impossible to get confused or make a wrong choice.

Let's consider work the backup software within a concrete example. You have two folders to backup and to synchronize. There are a lot of reasons why you want to do this. One of the reasons is that you want to check what changes have been brought in each folder (that is what elements in the folders are identical and what differ). As a rule, such requirement meets at the work in joint projects. For example, two participants of some project (for example, in web design) decide to work independently over the project within the limits of common project folder. The next day when they meet some problem arise. What changes were brought by each of them and by what the analyzed folders differ from the initial one and from each other. To find these distinguish, you need the data backup.

Backup solutions of File Sync separate data backup from file synchronization. It means that you can spend both operations and the only one. The first one is obligatory. Only after the comparison of folders the user can synchronize them. Both processes are managed by special commands the user can choose below – «Analyze» and «Sync».

So, we return to our example. You have two folders that are Project-01 and Project-02. Both folders contain similar information and reflect the changes brought by participants of the project at work on the project. Your purpose is to check up what changes have been brought, how much the content of these folders differs from the initial one’s and from each other’s.

For the first time let’s create three tasks. In the first one you will backup data for folders Project and Project-01. In the second one – for the folders Project and Project -02. In the third one – for the folders Project-01 and Project-02. It’s possible to name these problems as «Project -001», «Project-002» and «Project-012».

Now we work within the limits of each tasks. You see, that the window automatic backup software is divided into two windows. In the first window you should choose the first folder, in the second – the second one. To choose both folders is simple. It’s enough to press «Browse», to find the necessary folder in the tree of folders and to choose this folder.

After both folders are chosen you need to press «Analyze». It is ready. You see the results of the analysis of both folders and what files and folders are included in the folders (in our case, «Project» and «Project-01»). The analysis results are presented in the following form: the file name containing in the analyzed folder, the size and creation date. Besides, all files and folders are organized in the form of file tree that allows using the back up software as the analyzer of directories of various level.

After you’ve carried out the data analysis, it’s time to synchronize. It’s necessary to notice, that synchronization unlike the analysis is not the compulsory procedure and depends on your desire and purposes. The synchronization allows identifying the content of both folders on the certain sample – that folder which maintenance is used as the sample.

As any program File Sync can be set how you want. By means of the option «Project-Settings» you can choose sync type (any way, left to right, right to left), filter or schedule.