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In our computer activity we often have to be engaged in such boring but very important things as the disk usage analysis or the research of file-directory structure. The reason is clear - in the century of huge growth of information streams, growth of quality of information products and multimedia it becomes more difficult for modern disks to accumulate and store this information. There is too much data. That is why it is important to optimize the data keeping in the computer, correlate the volume of the disk and the requirements. The disk analysis serves for this, as its task is to understand how much space there is on the disk, how much free one, if this place is enough for current requirements, whether there is something not-used in the disk. One of the most wide-spread directions of such analysis is folder comparison.

Why is directory compare necessary? It is obvious to find out the structure of compared directories, to define degree of their similarity and necessity (or the absence of such necessity) to carry out with them some actions. Folder compare is necessary not only for informative interests but also for practical tasks. For example, you work over the joint project which results are stored in a certain directory on one computer. Clearly that the joint project cannot be spent in only one computer therefore inevitably there is a question - how to combine independent results of the joint project when separate participants continue to work over the project (and save the received results in that special folder), and then it is necessary to compare these results and define what, who and when was carried out. To compare directories is not simple without using special software. For this reason File Sync will help you. It is a new Moleskinsoft program called to compare folders and to make file synchronization.

Why this tool? As it is impossible to find more simple-in-usage and simultaneously functional utility for folder comparison. The program works in two steps: compare directories as well as makes file synchronization. Having chosen “Browse” you need to load two folders necessary for comparison (for example, the folder of the joint project on the basic computer and on separate participant’s computer) and to choose “Analyze”. The analysis will occupy some seconds. Then program will present the results of comparison – the structure of both directories, their identity and distinction. It is easy to guess, that the difference will testify to the modification of the basic folder. Certainly if folder compare shows that the folders are absolutely various in structure they are most likely to have no anything in general with each other.

The directory compare is the first step you need to do working with the software. The second step, file synchronization, is unessential and depends on your purposes and the analyzed folders. The purpose of file synchronization is to balance the structure of two directories. The program gives the chance to spend file synchronization both left to right and right to left. Differently it is possible to choose the structure of which folder will be taken as an exemplar and synchronized with the other folder.

However to compare directories and to synchronize directories is not all that File Sync can do. Separate possibility is the creation of tasks in which you can spend independent folder compare and file synchronization. Using option “New task” you can spend unlimited number of such directory compares.